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Laboratory Astrophysics and High Energy Density Physics at the University of Nevada, Reno


I am thrilled to receive the NSF early career award and am grateful for the support of the NSF! Hear more about it in my interview with the college of science.

Jacob Molina wins NURA

Congratulations to Jacob Molina for receiving the Nevada Undergraduate Research Award! This grant serves to fund and support his further investigations into the changing material properties of ion-damaged warm dense gold. Additionally, along with this award comes an invitation to present his findings at the Nevada Undergraduate Research Symposium to be held in Spring 2021!

NIF Discovery Science Program

Excitingly our proposal to measure diffusion in dense plasma was awarded time on the world’s most energetic laser, the National Ignition Facility (NIF). Awarded through their Discovery Science program, this work will help improve our understanding of planetary interiors. Our shot day is currently scheduled for 2021/2022. See the full list of accepted proposals here.


Our proposal to study diffusion in warm dense matter was awarded four weeks on the Diocles 100 TW and 0.7 PW laser at the Extreme Light Laboratory at the University of Nebraska. The experiment is currently scheduled for summer 2020!

Well Done Jacob

Congratulations to Jacob Molina for being accepted into the prestigious McNair Scholars Program. The program provides academic and research opportunities for first generation, low-income and underrepresented college juniors and seniors.As part of his research Jacob will be participating in experiments conducted at the Extreme Light Laboratory at the University of Nebraska. These experiments were recently…
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Happy Hour with a Scientist

Dr Thomas White discussing how some of the largest lasers in the world are currently being used to study some of the most energetic events in the Universe. His talk, titled “Laboratory Astrophysics: Explosions, Lasers and Supernova”, was given at the Happy Hour with a Scientist series hosted by the Laughing Planet restaurant.

New Paper on Supersonic Turbulence

Our latest paper on Supersonic Turbulence has just been published in Nature Communications. Check out the paper and blog post below!  

Congratulations Emily

Congratulations to group member and undergraduate student Emily Chau for successfully winning an internship at NASA this summer!